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Wicked Revision

posted: 9.25.06 by Barclay Barrios

Choose a sentence from the essay the class is reading. Have students revise it to make the sentence less effective, though still correct. Discuss as a class what sentence elements make it less effective. Students should be able to explain why the revision is correct by citing advice in their handbook.

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One Response to “Wicked Revision”

  1. Anne Says:

    This tip seems similar to a revising “game” my students and I dreamed up: Stump the Editor/Rate the Revisionist. Students have the opportunity to serve as a panel of “expert” editors or revisors. As editors, they are timed in their ability to recognize, name, and correct sentence level errors. As a team of 2-3 revisionists, students are given 5 minutes to revise a thesis statement or signifciant claim and then the rest of the class uses a wholistic rubric to rate the revision.