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Headings for Organization

posted: 11.20.06 by Barclay Barrios

Have students review the section of the handbook on headings in documents or on document design, as well as the section on outlines. Then have them add headings to their current or next draft, thinking of these headings as an integrated outline of the paper. In peer revision groups, ask peers to assess the accuracy, value, and wording of these headings.

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One Response to “Headings for Organization”

  1. Nick Carbone Says:

    This is a great little tip. It’s easy to do and so necessary because headings are tricky for students to manage. But oh so necessary as more writing is documented, longer, and more formal.

    It takes something that can be a bit of a mystery and turns it into an activity so students don’t have to guess about when they write alone and format their document at the last minute before turning it in.