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Wikipedia Manual of Style Check

posted: 3.4.08 by Barclay Barrios

Have your class review Wikipedia’s style manual. Ask them to look for areas that seem to depart from general grammatical usage or areas that seem particularly important. Have them compare these areas to the handbook and then use this to start a discussion about the socially constructed nature of grammatical rules in general and the reasons why a project like Wikipedia would be invested in a particularly uniform style.

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One Response to “Wikipedia Manual of Style Check”

  1. CWolf, SCCC Says:

    It’s not a good idea to recommend students visit Wikipedia at all. Many colleges steer students away from using Wikipedia due to its editable nature and unreliability. Why would you suggest students check out style there intead of Purdue’s OWL or other educational-institiution-based instruction sites ? Next thing you know, students will be conducting all of their research through Google and citing Wikipedia blogs !