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Live at the C's: Party, Wine, and Oysters

posted: 4.4.08 by archived

Even though I am not a big gathering kind of person, I really enjoyed the Bedford/St. Martin’s party at the aquarium. Sure I sat outside, drank some cabernet, and wrote notes and people watched — but that is one thing I like to do. The Bedford/St. Martin’s party allowed me to do that comfortably in the company of my peers. I was not whooping it up, networking, or attempting to sell myself or my friends to possible employers, but that is not why I came to the C’s. I came to the C’s to moderate a professional conference workshop, to experience NoLa, and to get a feel for what my profession is like.

Frankly, it is nice knowing that there are literally hundreds — if not thousands — of people just like me who care about writing, reading, language, and communication. That is why I came here.

And yes, I drank cabernet at the party. It was good, and it suited my mood.

After the party, my friends/hosts treated me to Drago’s. Raw oysters were odd but good. The barbecued oysters with garlic were divine. I am no foodie, but I will remember those oysters for quite a while. The shrimp was great, and the duck fingers were unique — unique in a good be sure. When — not if — you get the barbecued oysters, mop up the sauce with the bread. Indulge. Think Barthes’ “Pleasures of the Text,” but the text is your tongue with the oyster dancing on it like Astaire and Rogers.

Yes, I work for Bedford/St. Martin’s. Even so, they threw a solid party. No, I don’t work for Drago’s, but if I did I would weigh 350 pounds. And I swear that their waiter, Craig, is psychic — he showed up every time at just the right time.

If you really want to indulge yourself, hit Cafe du Monde either farther down the waterfront near St. Ann’s or in the Rivermall. Drop your guilt at the door and order a cafe au lait or chicory coffee and beignets. The grease and dough and sugar will fulfill most of your tongue’s sinful desires.

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