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Computers and Writing 2008, Athens, GA

posted: 5.21.08 by Nick Carbone

I arrived in Athens, GA, last night, getting to the hotel about 9 pm.

Happily, despite some heavy traffic made slower by some intermittent hard rain, the ride from the airport to Athens passed quickly because I had good company: Carole Clark Papper and Lynda Haas.

We met up at the Budget counter–me coming from Boston, Carole from Long Island, and Lynda from the LA area.

The conference begins Thursday with workshops during the day followed by an opening reception, but Bedford/St. Martin’s is hosting an e-portfolio summit.

The idea of the summit is simply: we just wanted to get a lot of smart people in a room to discuss what they see happening with e-portfolios. We gathered an eclectic group, from novices to experts, and we invited some people who might have contrary views on some issues.

It’ll be a good, robust, no consensus-forming discussion. Followed by a nice dinner.

That’s this afternoon.


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