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Choice Quote: Bousquet #4

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This post continues the thread of choice quotes from Marc Bousquet’s How the University Works.

From “The Informal Economy of the ‘Information University'” (63):

As with other forms of consumerist enjoyment, flex-timers generally pay for the chance to work — buying subscriptions to keep up, writing tuition checks, donating time to internships and unpaid training, flying themselves to professional development opportunities — in all respects shouldering the expense of maintaining themselves in constant readiness for their right to work to be activated by the management keystroke. Contrary to the fantasy of the sedentary knowledge worker who telecommutes and never leaves home, the actual flex-timer is in constant motion, driving from workplace to workplace, from training seminar to daycare, grocery store, and gym, maintaining an ever more strenuous existence in order to present the working body required by capital: healthy, childless, trained, and alert, displaying an affect of pride in representing zero drain on the corporation’s resources.

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