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posted: 1.18.09 by archived

I seem to have little luck with PDF converters. For some reason, my system or my ignorance generates a variety of issues when I attempt to apply free .tiff to PDF converters. I do not know why. As far as I can figure, I am doing something wrong. Being aware of my own technical incompetence at times does not get my docs or images converted. So, I need a workaround.

For the second term in a row, ScribD has provided the easiest workaround I can find. All I have to do is open my account, upload a variety of .tiffs, mark them as private, and then wait for ScribD to upload them. Once uploaded, I simply look at my documents, click download, select the PDF format, and I download the document. I do not need to pay any money. I have no software on my computer. And I can do this from almost any workstation.

I realize that this is not very sophisticated, but it does offer a viable workaround that is quick and efficient.


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