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The Conference on College Composition and Communication is coming soon. That’s right: this Wednesday! No doubt most of us who are going are polishing our presentations and finalizing last-minute details. Ugh. And yet it feels good to get all of these things done and under way. The Cs bring an expression and completion to our efforts, ideas, and research that we have been working on for some time.

So, as we’re at the conference—especially new folks and adjuncts—it is vital to be aware and pay attention to all of the people around you. Hear what they are saying and see if there is an interesting way that you can connect it to your own work. Last year, I found it easy to get lost in the sea of people, abandon the conversations around me for my own thoughts, and miss out on what was happening. The conference can be overwhelming. But for all you know, you may well run into someone or hear an idea that prompts you into a proposal for next year. How exciting would that be?!

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