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The Silenced Self

posted: 3.14.09 by archived

A couple of weeks ago during a doctoral class the topic turned to adjuncts. Nearly every time adjuncts come up, and in nearly every environment, I participate. To my own amazement, I was largely quiet as a full-time tenure tracker and full-time tenured community college professor discussed the topic amongst themselves. Internally, my editor was telling me to shut up, to not participate. I am not sure why. It was as if it was easier to just be quiet and watch the commonplace discourse about adjuncts take place.

I have to wonder if it is because this is a new program for me and these are people I have never met in person. I also realize that it may be that I do not feel as invested or comfortable in my programmatic environment as I do in other arenas where I am doing academic work. So, as a relatively new guy, I’m staying quiet. Still, since so much of my work and my interests are centered around contingent labor, I was amazed at how I silenced myself.

I do not feel very good about this, but I am not sure what to do about it either. All I hope is that it will pass.

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