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posted: 10.9.12 by Traci Gardner

With the National Day on Writing coming up on October 20, I wanted to take some time this month to think about writing and writers. This is the second of three posts on that topic.

Last year, people across the United States celebrated the National Day on Writing by sharing their own reasons for writing with the hashtag #whyiwrite. Even though I’m months late, I’d like to go ahead and add my reasons to the collection of responses. And since it’s me, why not do it in a list of ten?

  1. Writing is how I connect with the people I know and love. I’d be alone if I didn’t write e-mail, status updates, and Facebook messages.
  2. There’s nothing better than seeing someone smile when they read what you wrote.
  3. I love persuading people with my words. When someone does something because of what I have written, I feel successful.
  4. When I write a clever phrase or revise a sentence until it flows perfectly, I am delighted.
  5. Writing is the thing that I am best at. I’d rather be judged on my writing than on anything else I do.
  6. Writing helps me figure out what I mean. I may be confused or unsure when I start writing, but by the end, I will figure it out.
  7. Writing lets me share my assignments with other teachers. It helps me spread my ideas about the teaching of writing.
  8. Writing is hard and sometimes seems impossible, but when I am finished, I know I have accomplished something.
  9. Writing lets me track who I am, what I do, and why I do it. The writing I do in my journals and blogs tells my life story.
  10. Not being able or allowed to write would be a punishment. I write because I was meant to—and I have to. I am a writer.

So that’s why I write. This year, the theme for the National Day on Writing is #whatiwrite.  I encourage you to celebrate the National Day on Writing by asking students, colleagues, and friends to post tweets or status update on #whatiwrite (or even #whyiwrite). If you’d like to talk more about the National Day on Writing, please leave a comment below, or drop by my page on Facebook or Google+.


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