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posted: 10.16.12 by Traci Gardner

With the National Day on Writing coming up on October 20, I wanted to take some time this month to think about writing and writers.This is the third of three posts on that topic.

Later this week, the National Council of Teachers of English, the National Writing Project, and the New York Times Learning Network are asking people everywhere to celebrate the National Day on Writing by posting about their writing with the hashtag #whatiwrite.

I can easily fill out a blog post by listing #whatiwrite. I write grocery store lists, poems, e-mails to other teachers, and documentation for online chatrooms. I compose text messages and notes on the photos and videos I post online. I write blog posts for Bedford/St. Martin’s and for ReadWriteThink. I post status updates on Facebook and Twitter for myself and the groups I blog for. I write recipes for dishes my family loves to eat. I design greeting cards for fun and write about how I made them.

Somehow though, I don’t think a laundry list of everything I write describes #whatiwrite adequately. Instead, I can describe the different kinds of things that I write. I do technical and business writing. I work on curriculum design and related pedagogical writing. I compose greeting card sentiments. I write to entertain, to persuade, and to inform, and I narrate, describe, and explain.

That isn’t really what I mean either, though, so for a third time, I ask myself, “What is it that I write? How can I describe what I do?” This time it comes to me.

I write classrooms into being. I write pathways that students follow to stronger reading, writing, and thinking. I write my thoughts into plans and my dreams into realities. I write my own fun. I write smiles on the faces of my family and friends. I write the songs that make the whole world sing. (Okay, maybe not that last one.) Still, I am one of the lucky people in the world. #whatiwrite makes me #whoiam. I am a writer.

What do you write? This Friday or Saturday be sure that you tweet it, post it on Facebook, and let the world know—and be sure to tag it #whatiwrite. As always, you can share your thoughts on writing with me, too, by leaving a comment below or dropping by my page on Facebook or Google+.

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