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My #clmooc Journey So Far

posted: 7.16.13 by Traci Gardner

I’m now a month into the National Writing Project’s MOOC, Making Learning Connected (#clmooc). I adore the projects people are sharing as part of the course. If you want to see some of the projects, peek in on the Google Community where we have been sharing our work.

The course focused on maps during Make Cycle 3, which took place during the third week. Our project was simply to make a map of some kind. We had the option of mapping our learning, creating a literal map and using it to tell a story, mapping important connections, or going on a learning walk and mapping our findings. The mapping was fairly open, as has been the case with activities throughout the course.

Many of the maps would be wonderful projects for the classroom. Jose Rodriguez, for instance, created a map of the route Fermina Daza may have taken in the novel Love in the Time of Cholera. Karen Fasimpaur shared a map of her future, and Sara Green shared a video of someone drawing a city map and asked some inspiring questions about mapping games.

For my own map, I focused on my journey up to that point in #clmooc. Here’s the thumbnail, and you can see the full-sized map  on Prezi.

You’ll have to forgive me for repeating the image from last week’s blog post in my map. It fit the situation so perfectly, that I coudn’t resist reusing it.

Now that I have tackled the mapmaking project, it’s time to move on to Make Cycle 4, which focuses on credos. I’ll report on that project next week. If you’re interested in joining in the course, it’s not too late. You can sign up on the course blog by entering your email address in the right column. Sign up, jump in and start making. I’d love to see your projects.

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