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Emerging 3e: Ideas?

posted: 7.30.14 by Barclay Barrios

I’m headed to Boston this weekend and that has me pumped, for two reasons.  First it means time with my partner (woo hoo). Second it means that we’re starting work on Emerging 3e (super woo hoo). I’ll be meeting with my Bedford editor (Beditor?) to go over reviews for the next edition, and I have already dashed off my own cockamamie ideas.  Both of these are really limited pools; there are only so many reviewers and there’s only one me.  But hey!  Look!  There are a potentially vast number of you!  So, anonymous reader from the Interwebs, what suggestions do you have for Emerging? Never heard of the text?  No worries.  Tell me what you want in your dream textbook of contemporary readings and I will take it from there.

So what should we be teaching?  How?  What apparatus do you want?  What matters more—price or content?  What have publishers totally been missing when it comes to readers?

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