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New Posts in the New Year!

posted: 12.28.09 by archived

Bedford Bits will be taking a break for the holidays. Our regularly scheduled posts will resume January 6th, 2010.

We hope that you and your families are enjoying a warm, joyful holiday season!

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National Day on Writing

posted: 10.20.09 by archived

Today, the NCTE asks us to recognize “the remarkable variety of writing we engage in” by celebrating the National Day on Writing. Congress proclaimed that October 20th, 2009 would

  • celebrate the foundational place of writing in Americans’ personal, professional, and civic lives.
  • point to the importance of writing instruction and practice at every grade level, for every student and in every subject area from preschool through university.
  • emphasize the lifelong process of learning to write and composing for different audiences, purposes, and occasions.
  • recognize the scope and range of writing done by the American people and others.
  • honor the use of the full range of media for composing.
  • encourage Americans to write and enjoy and learn from the writing of others. (see more at “About the National Day on Writing“)

To give life to this celebration, the National Gallery of Writing–a national, digital archive of composition–opens its virtual doors today. The NCTE and its partners have already collected and posted submissions in their galleries that writers can use as inspiration. The Bedford/St. Martin’s Writers’ Room features thoughtful (and fun!) responses to the questions: What’s in the room where you write, and what does it say about you?

Visit the Gallery today and in the coming months to add your voice and to see how important writing is nationwide, especially as technology makes tools for digital composition more widely available. Start a gallery with your students to encourage them to explore and discover how they compose every day—inside and outside of the classroom.

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Introducing LORE on Bits

posted: 7.6.09 by archived

After months of planning and a five-year hiatus, I’m happy to announce the launch of the Spring 2009 issue of LORE, an e-journal for adjuncts and graduate students who teach writing at colleges and universities.

Bits might not seem like the most likely host for LORE, but our missions are similar: both blogs and e-journals offer advice and observations drawn from real classrooms by real instructors. On Bits, you’ll find practical tips that help with the here and now, with your immediate challenges as an instructor. In LORE, you can read longer studies and deeper investigations of larger, more abstract issues in composition.

The current issue focuses specifically on the way that composition and literature intersect in pedagogy, in politics and professional lives, and in the growth of students. LORE’s editors, Colleen Foley and Kate Huber, gathered articles by instructors in every career stage—from graduate candidates, to adjuncts, to visiting professors, to program directors—offering us a panoramic view of how this issue affects and changes the field. [read more]

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Is Twitter a New Genre?

posted: 6.2.09 by archived

by Kimberly White, Editor

This video is primarily for comic relief, but it begs the question—is Twitter a new genre? As this comedian makes clear, you can’t just stand on the street corner and shout out a tweet. And yet, that is what we do online when we use Twitter. So what are these digital shout-outs? Are they a new form of literature or are they junk? Dom Sagolla, who is writing a style guide for Twitter entitled “140 Characters,” has this to say about the new form:

There has emerged a new genre of literature: the short form. A combination of short and instant message services, status appliances, and social networks has created a new audience that is both voracious and deficit of attention.

What are your thoughts on this emerging genre and its (allegedly) voracious, attention-deficient audience?


Kimberly White is a new media editor at Bedford/St. Martin’s. She works on multimedia tutorials, online games, book companion sites, e-books, and other digital learning tools. She is the editor of the “Bits” and “High School Bits” blogs.

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Making Waves at City Hall

posted: 3.13.09 by archived

by Kimberly White, Editor

The Bedford/St. Martin’s party has become a tradition at the CCCC’s conference. Every year the event is held offsite at a location that is significant to the local community. In 2007 it took place at New York’s historic “Tavern on the Green” restaurant. Last year it was held in the New Orleans Aquarium. This year Bedford hosted the event at San Francisco’s City Hall—a location in keeping with the conference theme “Making Waves.”

Significant wave-making events have taken place in City Hall. Including the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings and subsequent protests, and Harvey Milk’s assassination in 1978. More recently, City Hall served as the site for some of the nation’s first same-sex marriages, and later as the site for protests against Proposition 8.

But as I strolled through the great hall, it was the beauty, not the history, of the site that provoked thoughts about what making waves really means. Standing under the rotunda, I remembered Charles Bazerman’s inspired opening address to the conference. He spoke about the incredible power of writing to coordinate complex societies, to move the human spirit, to connect us with our past, and to lay the foundation for our future. He reminded us that teachers of writing have an important mission; they are responsible for passing this sacred art on to the next generation. With that in mind, the grand rotunda seemed an even more apt place to celebrate the commitment, passion, and monumental contribution writing instructors will make to our society today, and for generations to come.

Thank you for your service. We at Bedford/St. Martin’s salute you!

[read more]

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