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Self-Assessment as Final Exam

posted: 4.28.15 by Traci Gardner

This line graph from a student’s final exam shows the progression of forum posts that the student submitted during the term. His goal was to demonstrate his steady progress toward the required number of posts through the entire course.

Just a glance at the graph tells me that the student fulfilled that part of the participation assignment for the course. Naturally, I still spot check the forums, and I keep an eye on students’ forum posts during the term. I ask students, however, to do the work of examining their forum participation and assessing how well they have done by writing a completion report for their final exam. [read more]

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Portfolio Day: A Brief Ethnography

posted: 12.23.10 by archived

With a late Labor Day and no Reading Day, Portfolio Assessment Day falls this year on the first day of finals. Not as organized as many of my colleagues, I am up at 6 am that morning: printing out student essays e-mailed overnight, fighting with a jammed stapler, labeling the tabs of manila folders, checking that each portfolio contains the requisite four writing samples, and gathering together copies of my assignments and rosters for my three sections. Though by my count this is my fourteenth Portfolio Day, the last-minute details threaten to overwhelm me. Still, I am surprised and pleased, for the most part, with the glimpses I see of the work my students have managed to pull together.

Colleagues drift in, more or less on time, for our 9 am start, congregating in the appointed classroom. There are about eighteen of us, with a full-time to adjunct ratio of about 2 : 1 (though the department-wide ratio is closer to 1 : 4 full time to adjunct). Chairs have been marked with coded labels (HP1, HP2, HP3 for my three sections), with the matching stack of portfolios to be piled on the attached desk. Bagels and a box of coffee, plates of fruit and cookies, and a bag of miniature Snickers bars crowd the teacher’s desk at the front of the room. Sets of master lists and cross-lists have been taped to the chalkboard, showing what portfolio sets each person is assigned to read and which pairs of faculty will read each set. Faculty new to the project stand squinting at the blackboard, walk away for a second, then return to re-examine the charts, looking around for a more experienced person to double-check their understanding. It is a complicated procedure developed over more than ten years of the project’s existence. [read more]

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