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A Little TMI about a Vacation

posted: 7.29.14 by Traci Gardner

Last week, a student emailed me to explain that he was leaving Friday for a vacation and would be out of the country this week. He wanted to let me know that he should have Internet access, but if something went wrong, his work might be late. He didn’t say where he was going, but I assume he will be frolicking in some tropical beach resort like that in this photo.

This student has done exactly what I asked him to do—and I genuinely wish he hadn’t. [read more]

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Studenting Skills List

posted: 2.20.08 by Barclay Barrios

Ask your students to create a list of “studenting” skills, those skills that make a successful student. This list might include coming to office hours, communicating about absences, and showing up to class on time, but encourage them to work with the handbook and their own experience to create a list specific to your course.

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