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Behind the Textbook: Proofs

posted: 9.12.12 by Barclay Barrios

Last year I did a series of posts about the process of putting together a composition reader Behind the Textbook. Consider this the (hopefully) last post in that series, since I am right now in the middle of working on the page proofs for the text, which is due out in January.

The work involved at this stage is familiar to all of us as teachers of writing—essentially, it is proofreading the entire book. I log into the Bedford servers, download huge chunks of the text in PDF format, and read through each page looking for errors and omissions. It’s somewhat tedious work and certainly engenders in me a certain degree of sympathy for students, who have to go through something like this process weekly in the classes I teach. However, the entire experience has me reflecting on proofreading writ large.

What exactly do I mean by that? [read more]

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