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What Is a Blog Carnival?

posted: 6.12.12 by Traci Gardner

On the ferris wheel at the Vermont state fair, Rutland (LOC)
When you hear the word carnival, you may not immediately think of academic reading, but I’m hoping to change that this week by explaining what blog carnivals are and why you should spend some time looking at what they have to offer. Come back next week for some ideas on how to use blog carnivals in the classroom.

So what is a blog carnival? Basically, it’s a collection of links to blog posts on a specific topic. If you think of blog posts as being similar to essays, a blog carnival is essentially an anthology or a collection of essays. The main page for the blog carnival is like the table of contents for the anthology, outlining all the pieces included in the collection. To read the items in the carnival, you click through and read the posts on the blog where they were originally published.

Two kinds of blog carnivals have developed over the years. One kind is a collection of links that have been found by an editor. ProfHacker’s monthly Teaching Carnival fits this structure. Each month, an editor looks for blog posts that provide “a snapshot of the most recent thoughts on teaching in college and university classrooms.” The June Teaching Carnival was edited by Billie Hara. In the carnival post, Hara arranges the links she’s collected into broad categories of The State of Education, Teaching, Technology, Teachers, Students, and Commencement Addresses. This kind of blog carnival creates a curated list for readers. [read more]

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