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Scary Times in the Classroom

posted: 5.5.15 by Traci Gardner

Wednesday morning, the Virginia Tech community woke up to find a Crime Alert emailed by the campus police department, giving us these details:

Last evening at approximately 11:15 p.m., a statement appeared on Yik Yak which read “Another 4.16 moment is going to happen tomorrow. Just a warning”.

For us, this was more than a generic threat, even if the police had indicated that there was no evidence this was “a credible threat.” [read more]

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Trigger Warnings

posted: 12.10.14 by Barclay Barrios

I learned about trigger warnings for the first time this semester.

Trigger warnings, whether presented on syllabi or before class readings, warn students that material in the course (such as content on sexual abuse, war, or rape) could trigger those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  At the very start of the semester I learned about them when one of our Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) approached me about a student in her class. [read more]

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Celebrating long-term WPA Lisa Ede

posted: 10.23.14 by Andrea Lunsford

In recent months, I’ve followed a fascinating thread on the WPA listserv about members of the rhetoric and writing community who serve as long-term WPAs (writing program administrators). Indeed, it is not unusual for people in our field to be asked to take on administrative jobs: doing so more or less comes with the territory, since the departments we work in usually have writing programs that need guidance and leadership. It is also not unusual for such WPAs to go on to other administrative jobs, including associate deans, deans, provosts, and even presidents. [read more]

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The Body of the Campus

posted: 5.8.09 by archived

Here is an interesting column about managing physical university resources–the campus–more wisely and the impact this can have on the university.

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