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Post-CCCC 2009 Round-Up

posted: 3.16.09 by Traci Gardner

Looking for the scoop on this year’s CCCC? Here are details on a few sessions and events that took place.

  • Watch Spencer Shaffner’s multi-application presentation from the comfort of your desk chair. Desktop MCing Presentation—Part I and Part II makes an argument about the informatics of kinetic new media.
  • Review session materials and join the post-session discussion on Patricia Freitag Ericsson’s session Assigning and Assessing: Multimodal Composition and Classroom Practice.
  • Join the Play-Write Ning, a social network built to accompany the Play-Write pre-conference workshop. It’s “the official site for CCCC-goers interested in talking about games.” CCCC-nongoers are welcome too.
  • Read about sessions blogged by Dennis G. Jerz, including sessions on blogging, digital gaming, and social networking as well as the Chair’s Address.
  • Check out the sessions blogged by Devon Adams, for details on technology, social networks, and Web 2.0 in the composition classroom.
  • Be sure that you read “False Positives on Plagiarism” from Inside Higher Ed, a report on the conference session that examined online services like

That’s just a start on reports out of San Francisco. Watch for more presentations and reports by joining the CCCC group on Facebook. For a “real-time snapshot of the rhetoric and writing community on Twitter,” you should also sign up for the Techrhet group on Facebook.

To follow the emerging follow-up posts on Twitter, just search for the hashtags #cccc09, #cccc2009, and #twitrhet.

Finally, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year. The online proposal for CCCC 2010 in Louisville is ready for your submissions!

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