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e-Pages: How?

posted: 3.13.13 by Barclay Barrios

So before we even got to discussing our reading from Emerging’s e-Pages in class, I ran into my first challenge: how do you cite an online selection in a print anthology?

I’ve almost gotten the hang of the new MLA format for citations (emphasis on almost) but this is an entirely different beast—a truly hybrid one.  The question was tricky enough for me to run it by my editor who, in turn, ran it by one of Bedford’s handbooks editors, who finally suggested that it be cited with respect to its original format (thus, a short web piece would be cited as a short web piece, a video as a video, and so on).

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Attending to Voice

posted: 1.16.07 by Barclay Barrios

Have students bring in a copy of their drafts with all quotation marks and citations removed. In small groups, have them exchange these drafts, with each peer reading a paper with the goal of restoring the quotation marks.

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