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posted: 3.20.13 by Nedra Reynolds

For the 47th time in the past two weeks, I have typed this sentence into the comment box on Sakai >
Assignments:  “Please see my comments on the copy I’ve attached below.”

I’m tired of typing that sentence.

By the end of the semester, I will have typed it approximately 188 times along with onscreen-clicking at least 12 times per submission.  Is this the best use of my time?  Come to think of it, is the entire rigmarole that I go through to accept electronic texts the most efficient way of responding to student writing? (Okay, maybe there’s no efficient way . . . ) Collecting paper documents and writing in the margins with a pen is looking better to me lately—at least until I remember that my backpack was more stuffed; and that all those pages transmitted germs, absorbed cigarette smoke, and got wet, walked on by the dog, or stained by a teacup.

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