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Correctness and Style

posted: 11.20.13 by Steve Bernhardt

We are moving Writer’s Help to a new and vastly improved software platform, one that provides greater flexibility for adding and arranging content. That means I get to think about reorganizing some categories in the table of contents. That wasn’t possible under the old platform. One distinction I am focused on is that between correctness and style.

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Below the Surface

posted: 10.9.06 by Barclay Barrios

In small groups, have students develop a definition of “surface error.” Ask them to come up with its opposite term, too: “deep error”? “subsurface error”? “serious error”? What marks the difference between the terms? Which one do they need to pay more attention to? At which stage of drafting should they focus on one or the other? And what parts of the handbook will help them with both?

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