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Online Classes

posted: 2.25.15 by Barclay Barrios

It’s always surprised me that I don’t teach online.  I am a tech-heavy guy, often an early adopter, and much of my work has involved computers and composition.  But I tried teaching a writing course online once and, frankly, I thought it was a disaster.  Granted, I was doing it somewhere around the turn of the millennium; I’m certain the technology has changed since then.  But I’ve been stubbornly dead set against writing instruction online for most of my career.

That must change. [read more]

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Student “Success”

posted: 3.19.14 by Barclay Barrios

My latest service burden opportunity is working on an institution-wide task force on student success.  My particular subcommittee had its first meeting yesterday.  Quite revealing
Early in the meeting someone raised the obvious question: what do we mean by student “success”?

[read more]

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Writing Is an Object of Study: Underlying Threshold Concept for Writing about Writing Curricula

posted: 11.28.12 by Elizabeth Wardle and Douglas Downs


Back in July, I wrote a blog post in which I suggested that we consider the threshold concepts of our field appropriate for teaching in first-year composition. At that time, I suggested a few possible threshold concepts I was considering. Since then, our department has been having a threshold concepts reading group. After reading some of the Myer and Land book I referenced in my earlier post (Overcoming Barriers to Student Understanding: Threshold Concepts and Troublesome Knowledge), we began considering possible threshold concepts. One of our instructors, Matt Bryan, suggested one of the thresholds both for him as a new writing about writing instructor and for his students:

Writing is an object of study.

This was so simple and obvious—yet mostly unspoken by us as a faculty—that we all sat for a minute, thinking of all of the ways that this particular threshold is hard to cross: for our literature colleagues, for the public at large, for students in our writing about writing courses, and for composition teachers from non-rhetoric/composition backgrounds asked to teach a writing about writing course.

This threshold concept is encountered by teachers in what I called in a recent post the “third stage” of learning to teach writing about writing: “realization that Rhetoric and Composition has a content.” In other words, recognition that teaching and learning in a writing class is not simply about learning scribal skills or genre conventions, but learning about writing broadly understood. It’s learning that writing is something that a person can study and know about, that it’s not just something you do, or a tool you use, or just a technology (although it is all of those things, too). [read more]

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Graphic Novels in FYC

posted: 3.11.09 by archived

I recently asked about using graphic novels in FYC. Here are some of the most popular graphic novels people use:

9/11 Commission Report

There is also Bradway and Hesse’s book on creating nonfiction , which uses graphic novel excerpts. Plus, Scott McCloud’s book, Understanding Comics, and the TED lecture he gives on comics.

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