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“So, where’s the index?”

posted: 3.12.15 by Andrea Lunsford

Bedford/St. Martin’s editor extraordinaire Carolyn Lengel and I have been interviewing student writers as we’re working on a new edition of The Everyday Writer. We haven’t met these students; all we knew is that they had used Everyday Writer in one of their writing classes. As we talked, the students told us when and why they used the book, what they thought it had been helpful for, what about it they liked—or would like to see improved. But we were also interested in HOW they used the book. So we asked them to walk us through one time when they wanted to find information in their handbook—step by step. [read more]

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Indexing Drafts

posted: 1.16.07 by Barclay Barrios

Ask students to look through the index in the handbook. Word processors usually incorporate a tool for creating an index of a document. Have students use the help files of the software to learn how to use this tool. Then have them produce an index of their drafts: What terms do they use the most? And what terms, ideas, or names do they feel are important enough to list in an index?

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