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Are You Listening?

posted: 12.29.14 by Andrea Lunsford

When “elocution” and speaking began to fall (or were they shoved?) out of the English curriculum fairly early in the 20th century, they took with them attention to listening. In fact, the hegemony of print (put it in writing, please!) focused attention more and more on written words and their correctness. My grandmother remembered near-daily recitations (at 96 she could recite the poems she memorized and performed in middle school), but only a decade or so later, those exercises were gone, replaced by reading and writing. [read more]

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On Mentoring and Being Mentored

posted: 10.30.14 by Andrea Lunsford

On October 24, 2014, I helped celebrate Lisa Ede’s retirement: her department at Oregon State University put on a one-day conference, called “Situating Composition” (the title of one of Lisa’s influential books), and Cheryl Glenn and I had the honor of giving talks at the conference. In addition to our presentations, we enjoyed two fabulous panels: one made up of current MA students at Oregon State, each of whom spoke for about ten minutes about their current research, which ranged from peer tutoring to comic books to dual credit composition programs. These MA students were smart, witty, and full of wonderful ideas. The other panel featured Oregon State alums, and each of these former students spoke briefly about the important role Lisa had played in their education, about her careful and attentive mentoring of them. When the day came to a close, the organizers had a big surprise for Lisa: Cheryl and I had the very great pleasure of announcing the Lisa Ede Mentoring Award, which will be given annually by the Coalition of Women Scholars in the History of Rhetoric and Composition to someone who embodies Lisa’s mentoring ideals and values. It was a festive and moving and memorable moment, and I got to watch as it dawned on Lisa that the CWSHRC was establishing an award in her honor. Pure happiness. [read more]

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The Silenced Self

posted: 3.14.09 by archived

A couple of weeks ago during a doctoral class the topic turned to adjuncts. Nearly every time adjuncts come up, and in nearly every environment, I participate. To my own amazement, I was largely quiet as a full-time tenure tracker and full-time tenured community college professor discussed the topic amongst themselves. Internally, my editor was telling me to shut up, to not participate. I am not sure why. It was as if it was easier to just be quiet and watch the commonplace discourse about adjuncts take place.

I have to wonder if it is because this is a new program for me and these are people I have never met in person. I also realize that it may be that I do not feel as invested or comfortable in my programmatic environment as I do in other arenas where I am doing academic work. So, as a relatively new guy, I’m staying quiet. Still, since so much of my work and my interests are centered around contingent labor, I was amazed at how I silenced myself.

I do not feel very good about this, but I am not sure what to do about it either. All I hope is that it will pass.

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