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A Clockwork Christ

posted: 12.5.13 by Barclay Barrios

I want to return to my recent critical moment during grading.  In short, I was frustrated—not because of the amount of work involved (that’s just par for the course at this point) but because students had problems with things we had gone over in class again and again.  I felt both angry and like a failure.  Then I realized I was just stuck in Clockwork Christ mode. [read more]

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There is No WPA Theory

posted: 11.27.13 by Barclay Barrios

I recently finished up work for a paper I’m presenting at SAMLA (“Well-Played, WPA: Promoting Growth in an Era of Budget Cuts”).  I open the paper with a number of “koans,” zen-like paradoxes that contain profound truths.  One of them is this simple fact: There is no WPA theory (yes, with a slight nod to The Matrix).

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Changing of the Guard

posted: 8.14.13 by Barclay Barrios

I wanted to take a moment to say goodbye to my assistant for the last four years, Mike Shier, who’s off to a creative writing PhD program this fall.  I’ll take this chance to welcome my new assistant Scott Rachesky too.

Though I’m sure you’re out there, I can’t imagine a WPA running a writing program by her or himself.  [read more]

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A Journal Built Around "Lore"

posted: 7.7.09 by Nick Carbone

LORE began when two University of Illinois at Chicago professors, Patricia Harkin and James Sosnoski, got in touch with Bedford/St. Martin’s about an idea several of their graduate students had: to publish a journal built around lore, “the informal ways in which teachers accumulate knowledge about pedagogical traditions and practices. Many of us who seek advice about what happens in our classrooms do not turn to published journals, but instead ask our colleagues, ‘what would you do?’ LORE is interested in these answers” (“What is ‘lore’?”).

The goal of the journal was to make a scholarly home for lore, which is a valuable and intellectually rich way of knowing and understanding the teaching, scholarship, and academic service.

The founding editors — Eve Wiederhold, Beth Burmester, Eva Bednarowicz, Tina Kazan, and Nels P. Highberg — published the first issue in the spring of 2001 and their final issue in the summer of 2004. The aim had been for the journal to be a vehicle for graduate students and adjuncts to gain experience managing a publication — the editors issued calls for contributions, designed the journal’s look and feel, and reviewed and selected submissions. Bedford/St. Martin’s sole role was to publish the journal online for free and to help promote it. [read more]

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Introducing LORE on Bits

posted: 7.6.09 by archived

After months of planning and a five-year hiatus, I’m happy to announce the launch of the Spring 2009 issue of LORE, an e-journal for adjuncts and graduate students who teach writing at colleges and universities.

Bits might not seem like the most likely host for LORE, but our missions are similar: both blogs and e-journals offer advice and observations drawn from real classrooms by real instructors. On Bits, you’ll find practical tips that help with the here and now, with your immediate challenges as an instructor. In LORE, you can read longer studies and deeper investigations of larger, more abstract issues in composition.

The current issue focuses specifically on the way that composition and literature intersect in pedagogy, in politics and professional lives, and in the growth of students. LORE’s editors, Colleen Foley and Kate Huber, gathered articles by instructors in every career stage—from graduate candidates, to adjuncts, to visiting professors, to program directors—offering us a panoramic view of how this issue affects and changes the field. [read more]

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Echoes of Lore in a Teaching Philosophy

posted: 7.31.07 by archived

Early in this millennium, Bedford/ St. Martin’s published the electronic journal LORE. According to their masthead, “LORE is a journal for adjunct and graduate student teachers of writing.” Reading LORE, and discovering it had closed, moved me toward creating this blog. Reading LORE indicated to me that there were and always will be fresh, new instructors in the Academy who are both willing to offer and take advice. Their discourse on writing a teaching philosophy is useful. Take a look.

UPDATE: LORE is now hosted on Bits! See the Spring 2009 Issue or peruse the archives from the original site.

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