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My #clmooc Journey So Far

posted: 7.16.13 by Traci Gardner

I’m now a month into the National Writing Project’s MOOC, Making Learning Connected (#clmooc). I adore the projects people are sharing as part of the course. If you want to see some of the projects, peek in on the Google Community where we have been sharing our work.

The course focused on maps during Make Cycle 3, which took place during the third week. Our project was simply to make a map of some kind. [read more]

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Concept Maps as Heuristic

posted: 6.19.13 by Nedra Reynolds

The best resources for writing teachers are students themselves, and learning from my students is my favorite part of teaching. I got the idea to assign concept maps to my undergraduate students after one of my graduate students developed one for his dissertation; we both realized what a huge impact the map had on his thinking process as well on as my reading experience and the reading experiences of his other committee members.  [read more]

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