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Tracking Revision

posted: 4.3.08 by Barclay Barrios

As they work on revising a draft, ask your students to turn on the track changes function in Microsoft Word (or any other similar feature in other word processors).  Have them submit their revised drafts electronically so that you’ll be able to see the extent of the changes in the draft.

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AutoCorrect Customization

posted: 12.17.07 by Barclay Barrios

Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect feature can correct errors as you type them. What’s more, students can customize this tool to focus on errors they typically make. Ask students to customize AutoCorrect by going to Tools > AutoCorrect Options > AutoCorrect; have them add in spelling or typing errors they tend to make in their drafts. Alternatively, challenge students to turn this feature off completely, forcing them to proofread more carefully.

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Customizing the Grammar Checker

posted: 10.23.06 by Barclay Barrios

Have your students use Microsoft Word (in the computer classroom, at home, or in one of the campus labs on their own). Tell them to open one of their drafts and then click Tools » Options » Spelling & Grammar tab » Settings. Word can check for a variety of grammatical and stylistic errors, though we may not want Word checking for everything it can check for. Each student should choose one of the many unchecked options. Use the handbook to research that “error” and then offer advice to the class on whether or not they should have Word look for that error: Is it a serious error? Is it easier to find on your own? Is it a question of preference and not an error at all?

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