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College Celebration Season

posted: 7.10.14 by Andrea Lunsford

So here I am, supposedly retired. But this past spring, as with all others I can recall, I was busy celebrating students and their achievements.  Kalyn came by with the good news that she got a fellowship to graduate school in history, and we reminisced about her early days in college when she wondered if she belonged or would be able to truly “make it.”  Halle, whose honors thesis I worked on with her, was thrilled to learn that her thesis won a major award in the English Department—AND that her oral presentation of her research for the thesis took first place.  [read more]

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PowerPoint to get the Power of Points

posted: 10.29.07 by Barclay Barrios

Have students use PowerPoint or other presentation slides in order to reduce their arguments to the most essential elements. Since such slides are most effective when they contain only a few key points, students will have to locate the key elements of their argument; in designing the slides they should consider how visual elements like color, font, and alignment can enhance an argument. Have students review the material in the handbook on visual arguments and oral presentations to give them guidance in this exercise.

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