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Peer Revision at Home

posted: 3.13.08 by Barclay Barrios

For first-year students in particular, you might find it effective to have them review at least one peer’s paper at home.  Students still in transition from high school are used to thinking of class work as “busy work” and homework as “important work.”  I combine these two by having them review one or two papers in class but also one at home, emailing comments to the paper’s author.

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5 ways I help students with organization

posted: 1.31.08 by Barclay Barrios

I find that students often have trouble writing papers with strong organization. Sometimes, in fact, it feels like they could swap around all the body paragraphs and it would be the same paper—they don’t logically lead one to the other. Here are some exercises I use to help students focus on the organization of their papers:

1. Paragraph to Paragraph Transition
The most solid transitions, I suggest to students, comes from a statement that directly ties together two paragraphs. Start by having students review the material on transitions in the handbook. Then try this exercise. Have students take two paragraphs from their drafts. Ask them to write a one sentence summary of the first paragraph and then another one sentence summary of the second paragraph. Students should combine these two sentences into one, forming a strong and specific transition.

2. Rearrange the Order
Strong organization is self-evident. That is, when a paper is well-organized each paragraph clearly has a place in the whole. Have students test their organization by bringing in a draft for peer revision with the paragraph order switched around. If their peers cannot reassemble the original order then they need to work on transitions and organization.

3. Model Transitions
Have students locate examples of effective transitions in the current reading. Discuss what makes them effective—is it just the use of transitional words and phrases or is there a sentence pattern at work here? Have students apply what they learn by modeling one of these effective transitions in their current drafts.

4. Trail Markers
Trail markers make sure you don’t get lost in the woods; students can use the same technique to mark the trail of their arguments in their papers. Have students underline key sentences in each paragraph that “point the way” to the larger argument and/or to the next paragraph. If they can’t find sentences that work in that way, then that paragraph might represent someplace their readers might get lost.

5. All Outta Outlines
The strongest organization feels inevitable. Help students to locate that level of organization by having them produce multiple pre- or post-draft outlines, each with a different possible organization; you might in fact ask them to outline until they can’t outline any more. Do some points always need to come before others? Do they need to introduce a term, for example, before discussing it? Looking at multiple organizations can help students see the one that makes the most sense, the one that seems most inevitable.

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Three Hour Peer Revision–Help?

posted: 6.20.07 by Barclay Barrios

OK, so the grad students will have rough drafts of their final papers this evening. We’ll work together to come with a rubric for grading them and then they’ll do peer revision. But the class is three hours long so I’m trying to think of some more (useful) activities I can do around peer revision to help them make the final push on their projects. If you had three hours for peer revision, what would you do? Any suggestions?

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posted: 2.5.07 by Barclay Barrios

Review sections of the handbook on verbs. Have students come in with one or two key paragraphs from their current drafts in which they have replaced the verbs with blanks (“______”). For peer revision, have peers fill in verbs and then reflect on which verbs they chose and why.

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Headings for Organization

posted: 11.20.06 by Barclay Barrios

Have students review the section of the handbook on headings in documents or on document design, as well as the section on outlines. Then have them add headings to their current or next draft, thinking of these headings as an integrated outline of the paper. In peer revision groups, ask peers to assess the accuracy, value, and wording of these headings.

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