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Chatting about the Writing Center

posted: 4.9.13 by Traci Gardner

Whether you are a writing center tutor, director, or referring teacher, you should know PeerCentered. It’s one of the best places to go to learn about writing center pedagogy as well as the practical details of working with and in a writing center. Even better, this month PeerCentered is sponsoring Meet the Author Discussions, video chat sessions with teachers and tutors who have written about their work in writing centers. Read on for the details and to learn how you can chat about the writing center with colleagues.

What is PeerCentered? As described on the site, “PeerCentered is a space for peer writing tutors/consultants or anyone interested in collaborative learning in writing centers to blog with their colleagues from around the world.” The site and related resources have been helping people learn more about tutoring and writing centers for over twenty years. The group began as an online chat and now posts regular blog posts, presents at national and regional conferences, and sponsors video chats (like this month’s Meet the Author Discussions). [read more]

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