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Introducing LORE on Bits

posted: 7.6.09 by archived

After months of planning and a five-year hiatus, I’m happy to announce the launch of the Spring 2009 issue of LORE, an e-journal for adjuncts and graduate students who teach writing at colleges and universities.

Bits might not seem like the most likely host for LORE, but our missions are similar: both blogs and e-journals offer advice and observations drawn from real classrooms by real instructors. On Bits, you’ll find practical tips that help with the here and now, with your immediate challenges as an instructor. In LORE, you can read longer studies and deeper investigations of larger, more abstract issues in composition.

The current issue focuses specifically on the way that composition and literature intersect in pedagogy, in politics and professional lives, and in the growth of students. LORE’s editors, Colleen Foley and Kate Huber, gathered articles by instructors in every career stage—from graduate candidates, to adjuncts, to visiting professors, to program directors—offering us a panoramic view of how this issue affects and changes the field. [read more]

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