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Jazz Up Your Next Presentation

posted: 6.10.09 by Traci Gardner

Want to jazz up your next slide presentation? Modea Share is a great mash-up of Twitter and SlideShare that will do the trick!

Just released this week, Modea Share lets you project your SlideShare presentation on the left side of the screen and all the related, incoming Twitter updates in a column on the right. Here’s a screen shot. Click to see the full-sized image:

The tool finds the related Twitter updates by using a hashtag, a metatagging system that people include when they post to Twitter. TwiTip’s Tweet Your Message to a Larger Audience with Hashtags explains how the tags work. Many events and organizations announce related hashtags and encourage people to use them when they post. For instance, people are using the hashtag #cw09 for status updates related to Computers and Writing 2009.

It’s easy to set up—and the Web sites you’ll use are all free.

  1. Create your slide presentation in PowerPoint, OpenOffice, or Keynote.
  2. Upload the presentation to SlideShare.
  3. Copy the embed code for your presentation from SlideShare.
  4. Go to Modea Share and enter the details on your presentation:
    • Your Twitter Username (so people can contact you later)
    • A hashtag (e.g., #cw09 if you’re presenting at Computers and Writing 2009)
    • Your SlideShare embed code
  5. Ask people attending your presentation to tag their comments so that they will appear on screen.

Modea Share really is that simple. Set it up as part of your presentation, and Modea Share will quickly foreground that back channel conversation and allow you to respond to your colleagues.

To focus the Twitter updates that appear alongside your presentation, you can create your own customized hashtag. For example, #cw09 would be great for a keynote speaker’s presentation, but someone presenting at the Graduate Research Network workshop might ask people to use the hashtag #grn09 to narrow down the comments to just those people in the session.

You can use Modea Share in the classroom too. Use the tool with any slide presentation to encourage more discussion and engagement. Create basic slides that students can respond to at the beginning or end of class. Post a brainstorming prompt on a slide, and have students respond with a hashtag via Twitter so that everyone can see the responses. If you can use Twitter in your classroom, Modea Share can be a great new way to increase participation.

Oh, and if you’re worried about the stream of status updates becoming a distraction, read “Twittering in Church, with the Pastor’s O.K.” from TIME. If folks can Twitter in church without being a distraction, I know we can do it in the classroom.

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