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Snapchat in the Classroom?

posted: 6.4.15 by Andrea Lunsford

Recently, I read an article in the New York Times about Snapchat, the video messaging app that has barnstormed its way toward valuations in the billions of dollars. The article’s title, “Snapchat: A New Mobile Challenge for Storytelling,” caught my attention and got me looking around the Snapchat site and watching some of their “stories.” The ones I watched were mostly reportorial, with someone giving information accompanied by images. But they got me wondering about other kinds of stories and how they might be told and circulated via Snapchat. [read more]

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Snapchat Mashups

posted: 10.14.14 by Traci Gardner

I love “28 Snapchats From Harry Potter.” The BuzzFeed article compiles Snapchat-like images that mashup images from the Harry Potter movies with pop culture comments and puns, like the “Snapechat” image on the right.

Much like the Pinterest activities I shared two weeks ago, these Snapchat mashups would work as inspiration for the multimodal remix assignment students work on in the Writing and Digital Media course that I teach. [read more]

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Teaching Snapchat

posted: 7.2.14 by Barclay Barrios

Snapchat: sadly, it has arrived.

When I say that it “has arrived,” I mean that it has reached a kind of tipping point in popular consciousness.  And that’s sad because it means Snapchat is no longer “cool.”  [read more]

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