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wikiHow Much Fun!

posted: 6.21.07 by Barclay Barrios

I don’t even remember how or when I ran across this, but take a moment, take a look, take a break and imagine the potential: wikiHow page

So, of course, off the top of my head (and probably off the top of yours) I’m thinking:

  • Have students read this wikiHow.
  • Have students participate in the discussion and/or edit the page.
  • Have students make similar pages for other grammatical issues, using the handbook and maybe working in teams.
  • Start a class wiki with these sorts of pages.
  • Start a course/program/department/school wiki with these sorts of pages.

And so on and so on. Anyway, that’s it for today. Let me know if you’ve already seen that page or have some others like it!

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