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Plug-in Composition Lessons

posted: 5.11.09 by Traci Gardner

Last week on the TechRhet discussion list, Mark Marino shared some cool student widgets that are definitely worth checking out. What are widgets you may well ask. “Widget-Based Education” relies on small plug-ins that communicate nuggets of educational information. Their small size and specific focus make them perfect for fast mini-lessons and they work well to remind students of key ideas or writing practices. To give you an idea what these widgets look like, here’s Marino’s own Topoi widgets, which is part of the Topoi Flakes page.

Students in Marino’s advanced writing course at the University of Southern California created these three widgets, which you can plug-in to your own site to share with your students. To the right of the content you’ll find a panel of buttons that gives you the code to add the tools to Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, and more. If you want to add the widgets to a site that’s not listed, just copy and paste the embed code under the buttons.

Here are the three tools. Each is an alpha version, so remember that students are still tweaking and polishing their work!

  • Writing Process: How to Cure Writer’s Block” suggests 10 different ways that writers can get past blank-screen syndrome. You’ll find links sprinkled through the different sections that will take students to recommended sites, like MindMeister and
  • Rhetorical Devices: Do you Have MagicSpeech?” tests visitor’s knowledge of figurative language and other rhetorical devices. A series of cartoon scenarios demonstrate rhetorical devices in action. Visitors choose one of three options to identify the techniques and get automatic feedback on their performance.
  • Voice: The Wheel of Moody Voices” defines and demonstrates six different moods or modes that writers can adopt as they write. Note that the example sentence for each mood communicates a similar idea, but each in a different way. Suggest students compare the examples to see voice at work.

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Post-CCCC 2009 Round-Up

posted: 3.16.09 by Traci Gardner

Looking for the scoop on this year’s CCCC? Here are details on a few sessions and events that took place.

  • Watch Spencer Shaffner’s multi-application presentation from the comfort of your desk chair. Desktop MCing Presentation—Part I and Part II makes an argument about the informatics of kinetic new media.
  • Review session materials and join the post-session discussion on Patricia Freitag Ericsson’s session Assigning and Assessing: Multimodal Composition and Classroom Practice.
  • Join the Play-Write Ning, a social network built to accompany the Play-Write pre-conference workshop. It’s “the official site for CCCC-goers interested in talking about games.” CCCC-nongoers are welcome too.
  • Read about sessions blogged by Dennis G. Jerz, including sessions on blogging, digital gaming, and social networking as well as the Chair’s Address.
  • Check out the sessions blogged by Devon Adams, for details on technology, social networks, and Web 2.0 in the composition classroom.
  • Be sure that you read “False Positives on Plagiarism” from Inside Higher Ed, a report on the conference session that examined online services like

That’s just a start on reports out of San Francisco. Watch for more presentations and reports by joining the CCCC group on Facebook. For a “real-time snapshot of the rhetoric and writing community on Twitter,” you should also sign up for the Techrhet group on Facebook.

To follow the emerging follow-up posts on Twitter, just search for the hashtags #cccc09, #cccc2009, and #twitrhet.

Finally, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year. The online proposal for CCCC 2010 in Louisville is ready for your submissions!

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Free WiFi at the Cs in San Francisco

posted: 3.10.09 by archived

Courtesy of TechRhet:

While the WiFi is not free at the Cs–a whole issue unto itself–there is some free WiFi in the city. Here are three links courtesy of The Teach on the TechRhet list. Please feel free to copy, paste, and share these.

Free San Francisco WiFi Spots

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Twitter & Facebook Updates

posted: 2.18.09 by archived

Thanks to Matt Gold of the TechRhet list, I learned about the Pew Report on Twitter and Status Updating. Check it out.

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