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posted: 2.5.07 by Barclay Barrios

Review sections of the handbook on verbs. Have students come in with one or two key paragraphs from their current drafts in which they have replaced the verbs with blanks (“______”). For peer revision, have peers fill in verbs and then reflect on which verbs they chose and why.

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Verb: That’s What’s Happening

posted: 12.4.06 by Barclay Barrios

Have students review the section on verbs in the handbook. In class, identify a key passage of the reading, and then have the students work in groups to identify the verbs in every sentence of the passage. Use this to prompt a discussion: What are the key verbs? What is the action of these sentences? Are more verbs used in clauses? What are the implications of where the verb is for the author of the essay and for the students’ own writing?

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