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Multimodal Mondays: Re/Mixing Traditional Academic Essays As YouTube Videos

posted: 4.13.15 by Andrea Lunsford

As I write this week’s post, I am wrapping up an illuminating weekend at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and its library’s conference Digitorium, where I engaged with colleagues who use critical pedagogy to “do the work” of digital humanities (DH).  There were so many different kinds of re/mixing and re/envisioning happening, that I felt, for the first time, the true interdisciplinarity of DH.  My colleagues were leading students in geocaching and visualizing distance reading data from biblical texts (see Bo Adam’s Presentation). So much of what I saw made me think about how our students really do produce texts for various publics, more and more frequently in digital spaces.  And it also made me think hard about the “doing of DH” and how we, as instructors, don’t have to be IT professionals to find a comfortable praxis in this “doing” and “re/mixing.” [read more]

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Guys Dancing in Heels to Beyoncé

posted: 7.9.14 by Barclay Barrios

I have to admit.  I am totally crushing on Arnaud Boursain.

Boursain is part of a trio of dancers led by choreographer Yanis Marshall.  They’ve gone viral several times with their videos, which feature the French trio dancing complex routines to pop hits.  After their appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, their latest video has become so popular that you need only go to YouTube’s site and type “guys”–“Guys Dancing in Heels to Beyoncé,” their video, immediately pops up. At the time of this writing, the video has surpassed 10.5 million views.

It strikes me that the video is a wonderfully complex artifact for teaching, too.  Put simply,What does it mean when guys dance in heels to Beyoncé? [read more]

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Demonstrating How a Tool Works

posted: 1.10.14 by Traci Gardner

A few weeks ago, a student came to my office to ask how to increase the details in her essay. Students were working on a fairly typical commercial analysis essay. Their task was to choose a popular, national commercial and analyze the ways that the advertisers used rhetorical appeals to persuade customers to buy the product, use the service, or support the cause. [read more]

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Social Media in Plain English

posted: 5.21.09 by archived

Social media is a fact of life at this point. If you are unsure of just what social media is, watch Social Media in Plain English.

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