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Teaching with Twitter Chats

posted: 12.4.12 by Traci Gardner

Talking pointLast week, I wrote about connecting with colleagues using Twitter Chats. This week I want to talk about how to use Twitter Chats with students. Next week, I’ll share some assignment ideas, so be sure to check back.

Twitter Chats are real time, or synchronous, discussions that take place using Twitter and specific hashtags. Everyone can participate in the discussion at the same time. There’s no waiting for your turn. You can use a Twitter client or the Tweet Chat site to manage the discussion during a Twitter Chat, keeping all the updates that include the same hashtag in a single column or screen.

Why Use Twitter Chats

As a classroom tool, Twitter Chats can give you a simple way to carry out a real-time discussion that relies completely on writing. Rather than students explaining ideas out loud, a Twitter Chat requires clear and concise written messages. These synchronous discussions are similar to sessions that might take place using IRC, MOO, or even Second Life.

The distributed nature of the discussion, with everyone commenting as ideas come, leads to more student-centered conversations. The teacher may frame the class discussion, but once everyone begins adding to the conversation, it becomes a much less hierarchical exchange of ideas. [read more]

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