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No Grandmothers Killed: Reflections on My Late Policy

posted: 2.6.14 by Traci Gardner

I’ve heard my fair share of excuses about late assignments. I’ve been regaled with dozens of tales of grandparents who weren’t doing very well, had taken a turn for the worse, and had unexpectedly passed away. There have been extensive stories of colds, flus, and details that included far too much information on food poisoning episodes. [read more]

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Due Dates, Deadlines, and My Late Policy

posted: 9.9.13 by Traci Gardner

I lamented recently about the difficulty of figuring out a late policy that I could live with. Everything I could think of felt random. There are time-honored policies like ten points off for every day late and a flat ten points off no matter how late. I have dealt with complicated systems for excuses and documentation for extenuating circumstances. [read more]

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Summer Is Still Impossible

posted: 6.19.13 by Barclay Barrios

Summer isn’t just impossible for our classes and the students in them; it’s impossible for me, too.

Theoretically, this is my research time—theoretically.  As the WPA for my school, I check email daily to put out countless little fires.  As a human being, I mostly want to sleep.  I envy colleagues who manage to juggle it all somehow: research, teaching, trips off to Europe.  I just can’t seem to make it all happen. [read more]

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